All The Genders Photo Project

WHAT:  A photography and social advocacy project called “All the Genders.”  Your story will be shared through images and words on social media, a website gallery, and a future book.

WHO:  Any individuals who want to share themselves and their journey with gender identity through portrait photographs in a visible way. My primary focus is helping other gender-queer people be seen, but am also photographing cisgender people who have also spent some healthy time reflecting on their own connection with their gender.

WHERE:  Photo shoots will take place anywhere that you love and feel connected to.  I’m combining my love of travel with this project and will update future locations on this website and social media sites. 


WHEN:  Contact me for dates that I’m in your region.  I’m willing to deviate from planned travel routes provided that your location is within my travel budget and time available. 

WHY:  Create more understanding and visibility of gender queer people (or any other gender identity term that defines you better).  Build bridges and stimulate healthy conversations about gender identity between both gender queer and cisgender people.   

If you made it through the 5 W’s above and you’re still with me, keeping reading here for more thoughts on the “why” behind this project.

If you take someone’s photo, you are telling them they are worthy of being remembered.